• Adelson Galleries
          Head of a Spanish Girl, c. 1872, Oil on canvas, 18 1/4 x 15 inches
  • Godel & Co.
          Arthur B. Carles, Still Life with Irises (detail), oil on canvas.
  • Driscoll Babcock Galleries
          Childe Hassam, The Gardener (detail), 1888, oil on canvas.
  • Avery Galleries
          Irving Ramsey Wiles, Woman at a Table (detail), oil on canvas.
  • Debra Force Fine Art
          Thomas Sully, Portrait of William Wharton Fisher (detail), circa 1810–1815, oil on canvas.
  • Driscoll Babcock Galleries
          Marsden Hartley, Green and Purple Grapes in a Basket (detail), 1928, oil on canvas.
  • Godel & Co.
          John William Casilear, Lake George (detail), 1857, oil on canvas.
  • Jonathan Boos, LLC
          John Marin, Trees in Autumn Foliage, Maine (detail), 1948, oil on canvas.
  • Menconi & Schoelkopf Fine Art
          Ralston Crawford, St. Ann Street (detail), 1954, oil on canvas.
  • Thomas Colville Fine Art
          Irving Ramsey Wiles, At the Clothesline (detail), circa 1893, oil on canvas.
  • Jonathan Boos, LLC
          Jacob Lawrence, The Lovers (detail), 1946, gouache on paper.
  • Hirschl & Adler Galleries
          Martin Johnson Heade, Cherokee Roses (detail), circa 1883–95, oil on canvas.
  • Adelson Galleries, Inc.
          Maurice Prendergast, St. Malo (detail), circa 1907, watercolor on paper.
  • Conner • Rosenkranz, LLC
          Hiram Powers, Proserpine (detail), 1848-49, marble on original socle.
  • James Reinish & Associates, Inc.
          Marsden Hartley, Blue Mountain, New Mexico (detail), 1918, pastel on paper.
  • John H. Surovek Gallery
          William McGregor Paxton, Reverie (detail), 1917, oil on canvas.
  • Questroyal Fine Art
          Thomas Moran, East Hampton Beach (detail), 1894, oil on canvas.
  • Tom Veilleux Gallery
          Marguerite Zorach, Bathers (detail), 1913-1914, oil on canvas.
  • Meredith Ward Fine Art
          Arthur B. Carles, Cynical Blue and Jovial Brown, Dogtown, (detail), oil on board.