• The White Satin Dress by Charles Webster Hawthorne
    Avery Galleries
    Charles Webster Hawthorne, The White Satin Dress (detail), circa 1915, oil on panel.
  • Sky Float by Charles Green Shaw
    D. Wigmore Fine Art
    Charles Green Shaw, Sky Float (detail),1938, painted wood relief with artist-made frame.
  • House in Cotton Field by Romare Bearden
    DC Moore Gallery
    Romare Bearden, House in Cotton Field (detail), 1968, collage of various papers on fiberboard.
  • Woman with a Fan by Albert Herter
    Debra Force Fine Art, Inc.
    Albert Herter, Woman with a Fan (detail), circa 1895, oil on canvas.
  • Cliffs and Sea, Azores by E. Ambrose Webster
    Driscoll Babcock Galleries
    E. Ambrose Webster, Cliffs and Sea, Azores (detail), 1913, oil on canvas.
  • Self-Portrait Tipping Hat by Philip Evergood
    Forum Gallery, Inc.
    Philip Evergood, Self-Portrait Tipping Hat (detail), 1948, oil on board.
  • Mary Josephine by Edmund C. Tarbell
    Godel & Co. Fine Art, Inc.
    Edmund C. Tarbell, Mary Josephine (detail), 1934, oil on canvas.
  • Women with Parasols by Frederick Carl Frieseke
    Hirschl & Adler Galleries, Inc.
    Frederick Carl Frieseke, Women with Parasols (Pollard Willows) (detail), 1921, oil on canvas.
  • In Pursuit by William Robinson Leigh
    J.N. Bartfield Galleries
    William Robinson Leigh, In Pursuit (detail), 1915, oil on canvas.
  • Tile Roof by Charles Burchfield
    James Refinish & Associates, Inc.
    Charles Burchfield, Tile Roof (detail), 1930; 43, watercolor on paper.
  • Yacht in Cove, Gloucester by Winslow Homer
    John H. Surovek Gallery
    Winslow Homer, Yacht in Cove, Gloucester (detail), 1880, watercolor on paper.
  • The Green House by Arthur Dove
    Jonathan Boos
    Arthur Dove, The Green House (detail), 1934, oil on canvas.
  • Indian Summer on the Susquehanna by Jasper F. Cropsey
    Menconi & Schoelkopf
    Jasper F. Cropsey, Indian Summer on the Susquehanna (detail), 1861, oil on canvas.
  • Weehawken Sequence by John Marin
    Meredith Ward Fine Art
    John Marin, Weehawken Sequence (detail), oil on canvasboard.
  • Through the Fields by Winslow Homer
    Questroyal Fine Art, LLC
    Winslow Homer, Through the Fields (detail), 1879, pencil and gouache on paper.
  • The Grandchild by Lydia Field Emmet
    Taylor | Graham
    Lydia Field Emmet, The Grandchild (detail), 1895, pastel on paper.
  • Scallop Boats, Picnic Bay by Irving Ramsey Wiles
    Thomas Colville Fine Art
    Irving Ramsey Wiles, Scallop Boats, Peconic Bay (detail), circa 1915, oil on panel.